Divergent Official Final Trailer

Everyone knows the super excited feeling you get when it’s the 18th of December. You know that in a week’s time you will be overcome with excitement as you trod down the stairs and into the living room to embrace the new addition to your most treasured possessions. So I’m 22 and I still feel this way about Christmas, the butterflies, the Cheshire cat smile and the countdown every day accompanied by a sweet treat from an advent calendar. Well this exact same excitement came over me tonight when I saw the new trailer for Divergent. I know that this comes across excessive but I love that book. It’s the first book in a long time that I have become engrossed and excited to see where it’s headed, as I cradle the second book Insurgent, over the past few days.

I’m beginning to become accustomed to Shailene Woodly as Tris and Theo James as Four even though they aren’t exactly what I pictured when I first read the book. I can probably accept Shailene Woodly quicker as Tris than Theo James as Four, but I’m not going to jump to conclusions. I am so eager to see the movie; the setting, the body language and the outfits that are just perfectly described in the book. I can safely say I will be disappointed if there isn’t an adequate attention to detail in the movie because I’m sure Veronica Roth didn’t set the scene in the story for it to be ignored.

As the childish version of me once again suppresses her excitement for another few days or weeks or months until the next piece of information is released, I am going to continue reading the rest of the trilogy. Of course this in the hope that by the end I don’t feel that ever gaping hole that still has not been filled since the end of the Harry Potter series.

Why do good things always come to an end?!



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