Weekend Reads #10


I think I’m going to have to resign to the fact that things don’t go the way they’re planned. Every time this week that I had planned to sit down and relax with a book in my hand, it just didn’t happen. I worked extra hours that weren’t planned and I had to go places that weren’t originally planned.

On the plus side though I went to the cinema tonight and saw Divergent. All I have to say is ‘WOW’. While I am still in the shock process I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t had the chance to see it yet, however watch this space because there will be a Divergent movie review pretty soon. I will try my best to keep it spoiler free but there are a few points I want to discuss.

Now onto the best part of the weekend, the reading! This weekend I want to focus on reading one book because again, I won’t have a lot of time and I have a few reviews to get uploaded too. This weekend’s book of choice is The Archived by Victoria Swhwab and it sounds so amazing. It is one of many in my April book haul which hopefully will be all arriving this week leading to a HUGE Book Haul post.


The Archived by Victoria Schwab tells the story of the dead who are referred to as Histories and the archive in which they rest. Mackenzie Bishop trained by her father as a Keeper has been entrusted with the task of stopping violent Histories from reawakening. However this is a dangerous job and Mackenzie is alone after the death of her father and brother. The Histories must not be disturbed yet she finds that someone is purposefully altering and erasing select areas amongst them.

The Archived just sounds so unusual and interesting, like a book about books and who wouldn’t love that. I am very excited to start this and can’t wait even more to share the review with you all. So enjoy your weekend, read, relax and don’t forget to have fun.



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