Daily Reads #1

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I have been thinking about my Weekend Reads post and how the weekend is short and usually for me is crammed with things to do. Therefore I have decided to introduce a Daily Reads post instead of a Weekend Reads Wrap Up at the start of the week. I will continue to do my Weekend Reads post as I try to keep the weekend for something fun or relaxing and usually for me that means getting lost in a book. However, instead of posting about how my weekend reading went I am going to create a new post called Daily Reads that will explains how well my reading went over the weekend and what is in store for the week ahead so here is the first one. Don’t forget to let me know what you think and if there is anything you would like to see on the mrsmamfa blog. #

Over the weekend despite being busy and once again my plans changing rapidly I managed to get a bit more reading done. So this week I will definitely have to get on top of my review posts! The Hunger Games, Catching Fire by Susanne Collins is so intense and I am determined to finish that book first. It’s amazing how quickly the story changes direction and the kinds of twists the plot can take, so keep a look out for the review.


As well as The Archived by Victoria Schwab, I am hoping to start Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne this week and start into my designated books for this month which I mentioned in my March Wrap Up and April TBR. Both books have an unusual and individualistic aspect to them which will no doubt grasp my attention and not let me go until the very end. Already I am super excited about writing the reviews.


I am also planning on have a Divergent movie review up within the next two days. I mentioned it in my Weekend Reads #10 post but I wanted to be sure of what I was going to say. After seeing it for the second time last night I think I am ready to finally gather my thoughts on the movie and get the review typed up, so keep checking back. Don’t forget you can leave a comment on what you thought of the movie, the books or if there are any books you’d like me to read and review.

Have a good week!



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