Daily Reads #2

Daily Reads Photo

Ok so as I have explained so many times I have been super busy so this week I am focusing on catching up and reading like a maniac every evening because I am working EVERYDAY. I am also going to be posting a monster two part Book Haul which you will no doubt enjoy. I can’t explain how excited I was to get all the books in the post; the reading over the next few months is going to be intense.

One book I am hoping to start as well this week is Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne which is set out interestingly in Days rather than chapters. Following the lives of fourteen teenagers trapped in a shopping mall unaware of the destruction outside. If you want to find out a bit more about the book, you can click on the title of picture. I am also aware that for the past week I have talked about The Archived by Victoria Schwab but haven’t left a link to find out more about the book, so if you are interested you can click the title or picture.



So I feel I should give you all a reason as to why I have been so busy. Lately I have been working non-stop, literally balancing three jobs. I also recently found out that the house I desperately wanted is mine for the taking so I am also packing up and getting ready to move not to mention the regular everyday tasks that I have to battle before I feel I have earned the time to read. I am only human and as everyone knows life is not easy but don’t despair because I am determined to get the blog in top shape once again.

Have a great week!



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