Weekend Reads #12


Has anyone invented some way of staying awake at night to read because right about now that would be amazing?

Last night I was finishing up The Hunger Games, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins and I just could not put it down. I genuinely did not expect the book to end that way and some of the character involvement really shocked me. Many people reading this have probably already read it or have seen the movie but I am trying my best to keep it spoiler free by not mentioning character names or how shocked I am about a certain thing happening. Over the next few weeks I am determined to read the final book, Mockingjay because I need to know how it ends. I can’t even begin to speculate where the plot goes from here because the reader is left on such a cliff-hanger. Part of me doesn’t want to read the final book though because it would mean I have finally read The Hunger Games trilogy and it would be over. I genuinely hate a good series ending, I wonder if book separation issues exist?


I have finally started reading The Archived by Victoria Schwab, a book which I was so excited to get my hands on and as soon as I do life makes sure I have no time to read it. Against the odds though, I have been reading it on my work breaks, prising it from my hands when the time is up. So far the plot opens on a gripping description of the world of the Archived that flashes between the past and present as the reader is introduced to Mackenzie, the main character. She has inherited the ability to care for the Histories from her father and is intrusted to stop them from waking up and escaping. From the first chapter the reader is guided through Mackenzie’s memories of her father telling her stories of the Archived before she knew of her purpose, I am definitely hooked on this book.


I am also reading Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne when I can, and already I just want to know what’s going on. Why are these teenagers trapped in the shopping mall, why is the world outside being destroyed and why can’t I live without sleep so I can read all these amazing books? The interesting aspect of Monument 14 is the layout of the book, told in Days and surrounding a defining moment of the chapter, there is no loss of action. So far I am enjoying the use of teenage characters and how they process what is going on around them. The book opens with what seems a normal morning routine as two young boys head off to school but there is an element of reflection on that specific day signalling to the reader that this was probably the last time this was a normal day for the characters.

With my busy schedule throughout the week, two books capturing my attention and one eagerly anticipated, it is clear I have something to do at all times over the next few weeks, not to mention pack and move house too. However, for this weekend, I would just like to go to work, read my books and spend some quality time with my family and a few Easter Eggs.

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter!




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