Daily Reads #26

Daily Reads Photo

Well readers welcome to a new month, unfortunately my Daily Reads post is few days late however I wanted to get up my pitiful excuse for an October Wrap Up. In the past few post I have mentioned falling behind on reading because I have been so busy. Therefore this Daily Reads will feature only one new book that I would like to start this week. A few posts back I mentioned I was waiting patiently on The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey so I cannot wait to start reading it. It arrived last week and I have heard nothing but great reviews about it not to mention the movie in the making.

Along with trying to finish up some books from October I am hoping to start this book, click on the cover or title to read about it.


I am hoping to compose a list over the next few weeks of books I would like for a new book haul. Also some family members have offered to buy me books for Christmas and despite it being so far away I have to start composing a list now. When it comes to finding new books I doubt anyone can complain, however I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations and if so please comment below. I love finding new worlds to explore and characters to love so I would love to hear from you guys.

Have a great week!



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