Jenny Lopez Has a Bad Week – Lindsey Kelk


This novella was brilliant and I probably should have read it before Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas as it is set beforehand. However it didn’t spoil the plot or the reading experience in anyway. I think as long as you have read an I Heart novel and understand the importance of Jenny’s character in Angela’s life then either novella will be just as enjoyable.

Jenny Lopez Has a Bad Week basically describes the novella from front to back. Centred on the character Jenny whose love life has hit a brick wall, employment is a no-go and she has no roommate. Returning from working in LA, Jenny starts to realise the life she used to have in New York is a distant memory from the bright lights and big city it is now. However Jenny was never someone to turn down a challenge and in no time she has a date, an apartment viewing and a potential job offer but is everything as she hoped.

I have said on many occasions that I love Jenny’s character and I can’t lie because I really do. She just says everything she wants to and I can relate to her satirical remarks and her kick-butt style. In many ways I wish I could be more like her. Anytime I read a Lindsey Kelk novel I see similarities with Bridget Jones Diary by Helen Fielding, the realistic aspects when it comes to women, the stereotypes and portrayal in situations that people expect. I enjoy reading about Lindsey Kelk’s characters and how they handle situations may it be crazily or calm as they never live up to the perfect character expectations of many books. This aspect means readers just don’t know what to expect and they have a kind of unpredictable appeal which in turn makes the plot more realistic.

Like every book before this one had the usual humour, fast paced and easy to read writing style. I think this is what makes the books as enjoyable as they are fun and quick to read. A lot of the writing is conversational and up to date with references to things that have happened during the time of writing or publication.

It may have been a short novella but I gave Jenny Lopez Has a Bad Week a 4 out of 5 on goodreads. I really enjoyed it and cannot wait for more Lindsey Kelk work to hit the shelves. I have a few more I Heart novels to read so I better catch up in time for some new releases. In the meantime you enjoy chick-lit and this appeals to your interests, I would recommend checking out Lindsey Kelk and her work.



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