Weekend Reads #43

Weekend Reads Picture

It’s nearly the weekend and I am super excited, despite having to work I am also getting to spend my time seeing family and friends and squeezing in a few hours of reading.

As I was incredibly ill last weekend and couldn’t make the most of my free time by reading, I am hoping to spend even a few hours with my books this weekend. In my Daily Reads post this week I mentioned that I was reading Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell, I am hoping to continue this over the weekend.


I also want to make a start into one of the books from my February TBR. I pulled this piece of paper from my TBR Jar and realised it was a bit of a challenge because it is such a large book. So this weekend I will hopefully be starting Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. Since I have never seen the TV show and barely know the names of the characters I will be heading into this series blind. I think this is a good thing though because from what I’ve been told the books differ from the series so at least I won’t be expecting anything.


I am excited to get stuck into another month of reading, now all I need to do is finish up the reviews from January’s reads and upload my very late Monthly Wrap Up, keep checking back for updates.

Have a great weekend!



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