The Infinite Sea – Rick Yancey


After reading the 5th Wave I could not wait to start The Infinite Sea and I was not disappointed. This book continues the story of the 5th Wave as characters are developing in a world unlike the one they have known. As the 5th Wave is about to be unleashed on the survivors they need to prepare themselves for what’s coming.

The 5th Wave was an immense read so I had very high expectations for this book. I felt it wasn’t up to the same standards as The 5th Wave but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fast paced, complimented the plot and seemed to tie up nicely where the last book had ended.

The Infinite Sea has the group splitting to try and find a new safe place which immediately brings back into play from the first book the different stories taking place at the same time as the book jumps from what one character is doing and back to the other. This book also allowed a more in depth look at some of the other characters that were overlooked fully in the first book such as Poundcake and Dumbo.

I still love Carrie from the first book but felt she didn’t get as much of a part in this as she did in the first book. The Infinite Sea and especially towards the end focused heavily on Ringer which was where I felt I was beginning to get lost. This part of the book was exciting and very important to the plot but some parts I didn’t fully understand what was happening and there was confusion between her actions and imagination. I also thought this section of the book was very long and less time was spent on the other half of the group and what they were doing.

I found myself addicted to this book and it was really hard to put it down with each chapter flowing into the next. Also with jumping from setting to setting and character to character there was this tension and suspense to keep reading and to find out what lay ahead for the characters. This is the only series I have read by Rick Yancey but his style of writing is captivating. I can’t help but become lost in the pages and intrigued to know what happens next.

I am really excited to see The 5th Wave take to the big screen as it is currently in production to be released next year. One of my favourite actresses, Chloe Grace Moretz has been posting about filming it too which makes it all the more exciting. I am interested to see how certain characters and settings are portrayed in the movie and hopefully the producers will stick closely with the book.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads because honestly the only part that would bring this book from a 5 to a 4 rating for me was the ending. There was a bit of waffling and it lasted quite long so I felt that I didn’t fully get the ending I had hoped from the second book. However under no circumstances did this book not live upto standards because I really enjoyed it and cannot wait for the third book in the series. If you haven’t read The 5th Wave yet, pick it up as soon as possible.



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