French Milk – Lucy Knisley

Over the past year I have become a great fan of graphic novels, I enjoy following a story with the characters already on the pages in front of you, the setting in detail on the page and the plot unfolding in images with little use of words. I first came across French Milk on goodreads, … Continue reading French Milk – Lucy Knisley


Cosega Shift – Brandt Legg

So if you haven’t heard me go on and on and on a little bit more about this series this must be your first time visiting the blog. Back in January I read this series when I was ill and stuck in bed, I stumbled upon the first book on Kindle for free and immediately … Continue reading Cosega Shift – Brandt Legg

Daily Reads #73

Happy Easter readers! It has already been a mental few days in work with it being the Easter holidays and everyone making the most of their time off work. I’m hoping if it stays busy the rest of the week will fly in but we’re at the halfway mark already with only one week to … Continue reading Daily Reads #73


Wildflower – Drew Barrymore

This book really opened my eyes to the corners of Drew Barrymore that I had never known existed. Wildflower isn’t a biography as such but more a collection of life experiences that Drew wanted to share with her fans. From her younger years of growing up in an unusual household, to her acting years, to … Continue reading Wildflower – Drew Barrymore


Saga Volume 3 – Brian K Vaughan

I just love this series, it genuinely falls into a category of ‘I have never seen anything like this before and I love it.’ Strange alien species, unusual lands, weird spacecraft and all told from the perspective of a baby. I thought this volume had a lot going on, it was very gripping, the first … Continue reading Saga Volume 3 – Brian K Vaughan


Daily Reads #72

Happy Monday Readers! Here it goes again, does anyone ever wonder why we all have to work and why we can’t just read every day? I know it’s a stupid question we got to work to earn money to live the life that we all do but bleugh…I just want to curl up and read … Continue reading Daily Reads #72


Febraury Wrap Up and March TBR

So this post is definitely late coming but I haven’t even seen the past few weeks fly in, suddenly it’s March and I don’t know how this has happened. From working so much, planning our wedding and getting my hen do sorted with the bridesmaids my head has been spinning non-stop from the New Year. … Continue reading Febraury Wrap Up and March TBR