Weekend Reads #69


Hi Readers,

Well it has been a hectic two weeks with the Easter holidays; I have not stopped running around on my feet and the next few days look equally as busy.

I have a busy weekend ahead with work but I am hoping that after that Saturday night and Sunday will be mine completely for reading. I haven’t had a dedicated weekend off from plans in a while so I am holding out for this.

I haven’t got reading all of the books I have planned this month but I am hoping to read The Last Librarian by Brandt Legg this weekend as I have heard it is a fast paced and addictive read just like the Cosega Search books and I find myself gravitating towards that style of reads at the minute.

The Last Librarian

Also over the next few days keep an eye out for my March Wrap Up, I can’t believe I am typing this already. Where has this month gone, it still feels like the start of the year to me and really we’re a quarter of the way through!

Lots of reviews will be coming up soon too so keep checking back and have a great weekend!



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