Daily Reads #74


Happy Monday Readers and so the week begins again…

Easter is over and I am left in a chocolate hangover, I’m in serious need of a sugar detox. It is really addictive and I think the more you eat of it the more you want of it. It’s a serious problem especially at Easter, although I can’t deny I loved the company of a chocolate egg while reading my books.

This week I am hoping to have a bit more time to myself and start of the month with a strong reading pattern. I can’t see it being problem as the books I have picked out for this month are amazing reads and I am very excited to start all of them.

This week I want to focus on two books in particular;

The Last Librarian – Brandt Legg

The Last Librarian

This is a book I have been talking about for a long time but haven’t had the chance to really sit down and read. I know it is going to be a great read and therefore I want to have the time to devote to it properly.


Practical Magic – Alice Hoffman

Practical Magic

I am very excited to read this book as Practical Magic is one of my favourite movies and one I have seen a million times over. I’m sure you can guess that I have it on DVD and have had it from I was about 10. It’s a movie that me and my mum put on anytime we are feeling down or even when we are having a nice night in with a few glasses of wine. I really hope this book lives up to everything I want it to but standing by tradition I hope this book is better than the movie.

Well I hope everyone has a great reading week, keep checking back for reviews and my March Wrap Up and April TBR.



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