Exodus – Andreas Christenson


I was recommended this book by a friend who clearly knows my interest in science and astronomy. She send me this recommendation on goodreads but failed to mention it was a trilogy which I found myself downloading the second and third book as soon as I finished this one.

Exodus looks at a rogue planet travelling into our solar system on a destructive path. It impacts Mars and the debris left behind is making a beeline for Earth. Scientists aren’t entirely sure of what damage to expect but they are left with no option but to select a team of people to evacuate Earth. This plot is set in the future when people have already been to Mars, their mission failed and as a result NASA has been forced to close, it looks at real possibilities with neglecting the space industry and research into Astronomy and space travel. There are many references to space programs in place now and future missions, as well as space agencies such as ESA, the Japanese space agency, China and of course NASA. I found this plot to be a well-researched and scientific look into a real doomsday scenario and the dangers of space. It’s also a very timely read given the recent news that scientists are looking at ways to deflect or move asteroids on a dangerous path near or towards Earth. These are real possibilities of destruction on Earth and I found this plot very interesting as it tied up a great piece of writing with a very intriguing and futuristic storyline.

I enjoyed reading about the characters in this book and their journey through the selection phase to be included on this mission. However I found it difficult to care about the characters and become attached to anyone in particular as there are lots of jumping back and forth between chapters. There is also an abundance of characters in this plot from government officials, advisors and of course those being tested. I’m hoping that as the plot continues in Space, that there will be more of a focus on certain characters, their relationships and their capabilities on the mission.

I found this book to be well written and for most of its facts on Astronomy and science references to be accurate. It was a well-paced plot and one that was arranged in time periods and dates so the reader is following from the revelation of destruction to the trials and the progress of the mission. It was an easy book to read and one I wish I had devoted more time to in one sitting. I am looking forward to reading the rest in the series as I want to see how it develops and what is ahead for the crew in Space.

I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars and would definitely recommend it as an easy read, interesting with a sci-fi and space based plot. I was able to get it on kindle for free so it was a real bargain and definitely not receiving the credit it deserves. Check it out if you’re looking to expand your kindle books or for something new to read over the holidays.




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