Cruel Beauty -Rosamund Hodge 

This book really appealed to me when I spotted it on goodreads, the cover attracted me first and I wasn’t entirely sure what the book was about but I saw that it was getting a lot of attention and knew that I had to read it. 

When I went to start the book I read the blurb on the back so I could see what I was getting into and when it was described as a Beauty and the Beast retelling I knew it was a book I was going to enjoy. 

Nyx Triskellion is a young girl who’s entire life has led to her seducing and destroying the monster that haunts their village. With his shadows and demons he turns villagers crazy and she is the key to destroying it. Nyx has resented her family ever since her fate was told to her and wonder why she had to be the deliverance and not her sister but when the day arrives and she faces her beast he isn’t exactly what she expected and plans take a change. 

This book was fantastic from start to finish, I had planned to read just a few pages when I opened the covers as I was still reading a few other books at the time but I couldn’t bring myself to put this down until I was 100 pages into the plot. From the first page this book hooks the reader and takes them on a mythical, spiritual and psychological journey. Many different features are in this book and as much as I would describe it as a Beauty and the Beast retelling, I feel it leans on this story very lightly as so much is incorporated into making the plot. One aspect that I particularly enjoyed was the Greek myths and stories which play a big part in the book. They seem to be a main belief system in the village and the castle. This led me to wanting to learn and read more of the myths and legends when I finished this book. 

I also really liked the character Nyx, she was strong, independent and a surprising character giving the setting. The whole story seems to take place in what I read as the Middle Ages, on an island called Arcadia and refers to Greece and the Roman Empire. The setting overall is a little confusing but it doesn’t deter the main plot in any way and the fact it seems like a far off, almost magical place seems to compliment the spiritual elements of the plot. With regards to Nyx, it seems she should be more refrained and quiet in this type of society and at the start she is very confident but only in her head. However as the novel progresses she becomes braver and doesn’t stray from speaking her mind and doing what she feels is right. 

As for the beast, Ignifix, I couldn’t help but like him from the first introduction, he was cheeky and rude but almost in a playful way. When I read it I imagined him speaking to Nyx but with a smirk like he was enjoying toying with her and having the power. I really liked his character and reading about him, his journey through this book is so intriguing and I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen to him. 

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads because I absolutely loved it. However I was a little shocked that it was a standalone novel and not a series. Not only was I shocked but I was disappointed that the book ended. I definitely think I will be buying more of Rosamund Hodges books, there is no doubt that she is a great writer and can create an addictive plot. 


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