The Last Librarian – Brandt Legg

The Last Librarian


I was immediately drawn to this book after reading Cosega Search by Brandt Legg back in January. I was an eBook and it was a bargain so I thought I would give it a go but Cosega Search blew my mind and before I knew it I had read the trilogy and was stuck in a bookish hangover. Upon seeing The Last Librarian by this author I knew I had to give it a go and hoped that it would be just as exciting, gripping and addictive as the previous.

The idea behind this book struck me immediately, I’m a real fan of books about books and as this one predominantly took place in a library I was already becoming a fan. This plot follows the last ever librarian in the world and his fight to save the books. He requires a lot of encouragement but he eventually agrees with his friends to save the books having noticed that the government are manipulating the classics and therefore rewriting history to prevent any kind of revolution. The plot entangles a futuristic world and a corrupt government, a new world layout, a healthier earth and civilisation but underneath the better world, humans are being manipulated and tricked.

The plot of this book was gripping and although the majority of the action takes place in one setting I didn’t notice the lack of change as the plot kept moving at a good pace. The chapters jump back and forth from the perspectives of other characters being those in the Library to figures of power to government figures and more. Although many characters are introduced I found them easy to follow as all of them have such interesting roles in the plot. I felt this style made the book more appealing too because it fed the reader different pieces of material to piece the plot together and made it more interesting seeing from others perspectives.

The characters in this book see deceptive, the reader rarely gets to know them for who they really are even with the librarian who appears the protagonist in the story. There are many introductions to him and snippets of his life but this book follows him on the fight for his books survival and with this he grows as a person and become more courageous and daring. I also liked the characters Nelson and Chelle, a brother and sister duo in the plot. They may not be the obvious favourites but there is an air of mystery surrounding them and their capabilities.

One thing I noticed quite early on about this book was that some of the characters from Cosega Search feature in it but more as a passing thought of acknowledgement. This book could be read without reading Cosega Search but I still recommend this trilogy as it is amazing and will help to set the scene for this futuristic world.­

This book ends on a cliff-hanger making me want to immediately pick up the next in the series. This book seems to focus on a small portion of the adventure so I know the next two books will be packed with action and a massively developing plot. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads as it was a very interesting and addictive read. Definitely check it out as it is a cheap book to buy on kindle and more than worth the money.



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